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Online slot payout rates differ from one online casino to another. The payout rates are governed by the RNG (Random Number Generator) and range between 75 – 98%. The winning combinations are produced at random by the RNG and the outcome of each combination does not influence the outcome of the next combinations. Each outcome combination is independent from each other. Thus, during game play, a player can trigger several payouts and can trigger non-paying combination simultaneously.

Slot players should understand that the payout rate is only calculated on a long term. This means that if the video slot payout rate, is pegged at 95%. Players would have to wager several times or up to a thousand times as to achieve its payout rate. Wagering a $1 does not mean you will get 95c back.

A slot casino is governed by slot laws that enforce the owner not to alter the payout rate while players are playing the slot games or to makes changes or reset the payout rate at any given time. All slots have a certain payout rate and it is advisable for you to check the payout rate of each slot game before you commence game play.

The payout rate is influenced by many factors. A slot game can award its payout rate to players as jackpots or any other winning combinations. Therefore, a slot game can offer several payout combinations to its players and it does not necessarily mean that it should payout a top jackpot or a progressive jackpot to meet its payout rate. This is the house advantage that a slot game has over the player. The slot game will always start off with hose advantage and award a payout after the game has been frequently played or alternatively, the payout is done at random anytime during the course of the game.

A slot game can offer more than 20 payout combinations and this influences the payout rate. It is a known fact that if you play a slot game for at least 5 minutes, you will certainly be awarded several payouts but they can be low payouts or high payouts but definitely, during game play, you will certainly trigger several winning combinations.

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