Sunday, July 14, 2024

Many online gamblers tend to think that slot games are a game of chance and they are programmed to award a winning combination or a top jackpot after it has been played more often. Many people tend to thing that there is slight chance for you to hit a jackpot and some say ‘ hitting the jackpot is all luck because you will never get to hit it’. This is not true at all, all slot games make use of the Random Number Generator (RNG) that is used to award any combination at random whether it is a win or not. The RNG does not influence the outcome of the next combination with the previous combination. Thus, you are able to trigger a jackpot twice or thrice respectively because the outcome of combinations is totally independent.

Consider the Random Number Generator has a dice. By rolling an unbiased dice, you can hit a 6, two times consecutively and so on and the outcome does not depend on the previous outcome. Some slot players tend to think that slot games work similar to a deck or cards at which if an ace of spades is shown on the table this means that it will not show again if not replaced but this is not true at all. In slots, if you hit a jackpot or any other winning combination, the chances of you hitting a winning combination or a non winning combination is a 50:50 chance because all combinations are being produced by the RNG.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is programmed with a payout rate of 75% – 95%. The payout rate is governed by the law and they have enforced that each casino should payback 75% – 95% the total amount wagered. This payout rate differs from one country to another but it all ranges between 75% – 95%.  Therefore, this means that if a casino has set its payback rate at 95%, the casino should only profit 5% and the rest should be paid out.  However, many players tend to confuse themselves thinking that when a slot machine has a payback of 95%, tend to think that if they wager up to $100 they will get $95 back at which it is not true.

The payback rate of 95% will be achieved by the slot machine after a certain period of time and the RNG can decide anytime to give out the 95% payback by producing several winning combinations and this is the time when a slot is considered to be loose. However, the RNG will always monitor the payback rate and the outcome combinations are independent from one another.

It is certain that the more you keep playing a slot machine is the more chances you can get to trigger a jackpot or a bigger winning combination but you certainly have to manage your bankroll effectively because you can play with your entire bankroll and you will not get anything in return. Rather, you can always set the total amount you wish to play per day and certainly one day during the month you will trigger a winning combination that will award you with lots of credits / coins or even trigger the jackpot.


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