Sunday, July 14, 2024

Slot software manufacturers offer two types of progressive jackpots – the regular progressive jackpots and the random progressive jackpots. A slot machines can offers both types of jackpots while others slot games offer any one of them. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is networked to many other slot games and its value gradually increases as players wager at any of the networked slots. In this guide, I will outline the differences of Regular progressive jackpots and Random progressive jackpots.

Regular Progressive Jackpots

This type of jackpot is offered by several exclusive slot machines and a wild symbol or jackpot symbols are used to trigger the progressive jackpots. Regular progressive jackpots are available to 5 reel slot machines and for one to trigger the jackpot, you would have to wager on maximum bet and trigger the jackpot by hitting 5 wild symbols or 5 jackpot symbols on a payline.

Regular progressive jackpots can be offered by a slot machine in two forms – The mega progressive jackpot and The Wonder Progressive jackpot. With Mega progressive jackpot, it is triggered by hitting 5 jackpot symbols on max bet while the Wonder jackpot is triggered by hitting 4 jackpot symbols on max bet. This type of progressive jackpot is offered by some online slot software manufacturers and it increases the chances of you hitting a progressive jackpot.

Random Progressive Jackpot

This is one of the most common types of progressive jackpot offered by popular online software manufacturers such as Real Time Gaming (RTG). This type of jackpot is triggered anytime during game play and the progressive jackpot can be seen accumulating as people wager. It can be triggered by hitting any winning combination and it is not a mandatory to bet on max but can be made active by betting on all paylines.

Other slot games offer a random progressive jackpot even if you are playing with less max bet. Once the jackpot has been triggered, it is reset to its initial or starting value.


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